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Hey, it's John here.

From the summer of 2005, when I took my first gamble, to breaking free from the rigid confines of the corporate world, my journey has been nothing short of unique. Every step along the way has been a lesson, shaping my understanding of risk, strategy, and success.

Since 2018, I've dedicated myself to empowering aspiring bettors like yourself. My mission is to equip individuals with innovative, research-backed tactics that go beyond mere chance. In a world often clouded by smoke and mirrors, I offer clarity and authenticity.

Genuine, time-tested strategies form the cornerstone of my approach. I believe in the power of knowledge, honed through experience and analysis, to pave the path to consistent triumphs. Whether you're a novice or a seasoned bettor, my aim is to provide you with the tools and insights you need to thrive in the world of betting.

Together, let's unlock the secrets to sustainable success and redefine what it means to win!

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Expert Insights

Benefit from the wisdom and experience of a seasoned bettor who has mastered the game.

Risk Management

Learn essential skills like bankroll management and odds analysis to minimize losses and maximize profits.

Long-term Success

Gain strategies and techniques for sustained profitability, turning your betting hobby into a lucrative venture.

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Module 01
3 hours

from theory to practice

In this module, we'll explore different types of bets, peek into the history of betting, and even tackle some nerdy stuff like formulas and event delay quirks. By the end, you'll be all set to take on the betting world like a pro!

  • Who are bookmakers
  • How odds are formed
  • Understanding bookmaker margin
  • Calculating margin
  • Bookmaker's probability assessment
  • Types of bets: singles, systems, totals, forms, Asian handicap, etc.
  • History of betting
Goalsense Course - Module 1
Goalsense Course - Module 2
Module 02
2 hours

Modern Betting

In this module, we'll explore the current landscape of betting, covering major bookmakers, regional variations, and emerging trends like esports. Learn how to identify fixed matches, navigate new sports markets, and capitalize on arbitrage opportunities.

  • Major bookmakers and their characteristics
  • Regional betting peculiarities
  • Current trends (e.g., esports surpassing traditional sports)
  • Identifying fixed matches
  • Emerging sports and ones to avoid
  • Strategies for betting on own goals
  • Finding arbitrage opportunities
Module 03
4 hours


In this module, you'll discover specific effective strategies & tactics for maximizing your winning chances. Learn about platform nuances like Bet365 and Asian bookmakers, and uncover profitable insights into African football betting. Get ready to take your football betting game to the next level!

  • Effective football betting strategies
  • Importance of statistical analysis and where to find it
  • Using systems for maximum winning probability
  • Difference between football and e-football
  • Specifics of platforms like Bet365 and Asian bookmakers
  • Challenges of football match modeling
  • Betting on African football and profiting from it
Goalsense Course - Module 3

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What do our awesome students say

Taking this course was a game-changer for me! I've always been interested in sports betting, but I lacked the knowledge and strategy. Thanks to this course, I now feel equipped to make smarter, more informed bets.

Image of Emily Johnson, one of Goalsense's students
emily johnson

This course is a game-changer for anyone serious about betting. I went from making blind guesses to making calculated decisions, thanks to the practical tips and clear explanations provided. Don't hesitate to enroll!

Paityn Saris

I can't recommend this course enough! It completely shifted my perspective on betting. Now I understand that it's not just luck but a calculated process. I feel much more confident in my betting decisions.

Image of Ryan Smith, one of Goalsense's students
Ryan Smith

I've been dabbling in betting for years, but this course took my understanding to a whole new level. The instructors break down complex concepts into digestible chunks, making it easy to apply what I've learned.

Image of James Brown, one of Goalsense's students
James Brown

As someone who thought they knew a thing or two about betting, this course humbled me. The insights were eye-opening, and now I approach each bet with a newfound strategy. Highly recommended!

Alfonso Dokidis

This course was exactly what I needed to up my betting game. I learned valuable techniques for managing my bankroll and analyzing odds. It's practical, insightful, and definitely worth it!

Image of Sophia Williams, one of Goalsense's students
Sophia Williams


If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out to us at We're here to help!

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